Wide variety of ramen

Ramen is recently very popular in the world. It is translated as Chinese noodle, because it has its roots in China. But Japanese ramen is very different from it. It uniquely evolved in Japan. There are all sorts of ramen.

Generally, ramen consists of noodle, stock of soup, seasoning and topping. And each ingredient is various.
There are some types of noodle- thin or thick, curly or straight and so on.
As for stock, the ingredients vary. TONKOTSU or pig bones, TORIGARA or chicken bones, seafood are popular. Some chefs blend them.
Besides them, the soup is mainly seasoned with soy sauce, soybeans paste named MISO or salt sauce.
Also as topping, grilled pork, boiled egg, seasoned bamboo shoots, dried laver sheets, chopped spring onion, bean sprouts and pork’s fat are popular. Basically, the chefs select their best combination, but the customers can add more.
The combination varies, so each restaurant has its own recipes. Surprisingly, there are 30,000 ramen restaurants in Japan, despite small area.

I recommend eating some kinds of ramen!!

This is my favorite ramen- pig bone’s soup- seasoned with soy sauce.
This seasoned half-boiled egg named NITAMAGO is yummy, too!!

If you like pork, you can add grilled pork like this.
Although an extra cost is necessary.



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