Wide variety of DONBURI

DONBURI is basically a kind of tableware- a lager bowl. Also this word is used for the name of meals. It is a dish that consists of a bowl of steamed rice topped with cooked foods. There are many popular DONBURI and the name of them depend on the ingredients.
For example,
牛丼(GYUDON)- a bowl of rice topped with stewed sliced beef and onion. When ordering, if you say TSUYUDAKU, more broth is poured on DONBURI.

親子丼(OYAKODON)- with cooked chicken and egg with sliced onion.
OYAKO means parents and children.

カツ丼(KATSUDON)- with a pork cutlet poured egg cooked like OYAKODON.
天丼(TENDON)- with TENPURA or deep-fried seafood and vegetables.
鰻丼(UNADON)-with grilled eel.

Those are typical ones.

Recently new ones are being developed.
For example,
ソースカツ丼(SOSU-KATSUDON)- with a pork cutlet with thin sliced cabbage.
豚キムチ丼(BUTA-KIMURADON)- with grilled pork and Korean pickles.

I ate a DONBURI dish. This is with grilled pork seasoned with salt, garlic, spring onion.

If you see “大盛”, this is pronounced OMORI and this means a big helping. Also if you see “特盛”(TOKUMORI), it is the  bigger size than “大盛”.


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