We like SAKURA(桜).

SAKURA or Cherry Blossom is well-known as one of the typical Japanese things.
It is very popular with many foreign travelers and needless to say, with us.
We can usually enjoy seeing full blooming SAKURA from the end of March to early April.
The best season to see SAKURA is coming soon.
But unfortunately, the period we can see full blooming SAKURA is very short. Generally, it is only one week.
So Seeing it is difficult for travelers.
And the best period to see it depends on each district, because the Japanese archipelago stretches 3,000 kilometers from north to south.
So if you want to see full blooming SAKURA, you have to think of the area and period.
There are good places to see it and some of them are good tourist attractions. Besides them, there are many SAKURA trees in residential areas.

These are pictures I took in my hometown.

There may be a funny story for foreign people, although it is in common for us.
As I mentioned, the period that SAKURA completely blooms depends on districts and it is very short.
Blooming begins from the southwest and spreads to the northeast.
So weather forecasters expect when will be the best days to see full blooming SAKURA for each district and it is reported on TV shows with weather forecast like this picture.

This is called SAKURA-ZENSEN(桜前線) or SAKURA front.
Is it strange for you?


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