We eat breads, too.

Our staple food is rice. But the consumption of wheat flour is increasing in recent decades. One reason is popularity of noodle dishes such as ramen, TSUKEMEN, UDON AND fried noodle. However there is another reason. That is popularity of breads. Nowadays breads are one of the staple diets in Japan- especially for breakfast. For breakfast, toast is popular. Besides toast, there are many kinds of breads, which have some cooked foods like the following.

sausage roll

fried chicken roll

YAKISOBA means fried noodle.

bread topped with tuna and potato

pizza bread

egg roll

These are reasonable- usually from 100 yen to 200 yen. So these are popular as lunch, too.
There are many bakeries in Japan.
According statistics, the number of bakeries is around 10,000. So the competition is fierce. Therefore they are developing new breads.
There are many ones near stations. Why don’t you buy them for breakfast, lunch or snacks.



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