Valentine’s Day

Today many women give chocolate to men.
Valentine’s Day is one of the popular events in Japan, too. I’ve heard that Gifts are exchanged between lovers in western countries on Valentine’s Day. But the Japanese custom is different. Giving chocolate is only from women. A woman who have a boyfriend gives chocolate to him. Also a woman gives chocolate to man she love, so giving chocolate is the way to confess her love. In addition, some women distribute chocolate. To express their thanks and make a good relationship, chocolate is handed to their bosses, coworkers, friends and so on.
This type chocolate is called ” GIRICHOKO(義理チョコ)”, meaning obligatory chocolate.

If you are handed chocolate, you have to judge whether it is earnest chocolate or GIRICHOKO.
The mistake is embarrassing.

Men don’t return gifts at that time because there is another day to do that. It is called “White Day”. White Day is on March 14.

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