To be more convenient for parents with babies

I recently got a baby. Taking care of a baby is tough. Especially during going out, changing diaper and giving breast milk is very difficult. But I recognized that there are places to do those things at shopping malls, although I had not been aware of them before getting a baby.
Even in the restroom for males, there are chairs to put a baby or tables to change a diaper.

There is a vending machine for diapers in that room.

Recent years, the birth rate in Japan is decreasing. This is one of the big social problems. Although the government and municipalities are making an effort to raise the birth rate, this problem isn’t resolved.
I think that this kind of cooperations by private companies helps resolve that problem.
I guess that more parents tend to have babies if they can take care of them more easily.
I hope this problem is resolved in the near future.


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