The citizens of OSAKA are stingy?

It is often said that the citizens of OSAKA are stingy. It seems that people in TOKYO especially think so. Sometimes this topic is taken up by TV programs – OSAKA’s citizens are compared with TOKYO’s ones.
For example, as I mentioned, OSAKA’s citizens more frequently request discounts at stores than people living in the other districts.ポケットティッシュ/

OSAKA’s citizens even boast how low price they can buy things.
But it seems like TOKYO’s citizens feel strange about it.

Another example is Pocket Tissue, as I mentioned. Pocket Tissue, a small pouch of tissues, are distributed as an advertisement on streets in Japan.
According to the TV program, the probability accepting Pocket Tissue handed is different, comparing OSAKA with TOKYO – it is higher in OSAKA than TOKYO.
In fact, people in OSAKA tend to think that Pocket Tissue is thing to be given, not to buy.
So it is said that the sales figure of Pocket Tissues in OSAKA is lower than one in TOKYO.

But I don’t agree on this idea – OSAKA’s citizens are stingier than others.
I want to contradict it as one of OSAKA’s citizens.
We are just practical!!


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