Let’s use KAO-MOJI(顔文字)

When sending e-mails by a cell phone was common, KAO-MOJI came to be used often, especially among younger generations.
KAO-MOJI literally means “face letter”, it is combination of letters which looks like the face. It is used to express the emotion. To express a lot of emotion, many kinds of KAO-MOJI were developed.

For example,
Smiling is described as (^∇^), (^o^).
Apologizing is described as m(_  _)m – bowing.
Crying is described as (T_T), (TДT) – “T” describes a tear.
“Hurray” is described as \(^o^)/.
Anger is described as ヽ(`Д´#)ノ,  p(`Д´)q.

Originally, KAO-MOJI was a good tool to express the emotion for e-mails typed by a cell phone, because typing a lot of letters by a cell phone was not easy – it is similar to the “emoticon”. Now there are many way to express emotions for e-mails, as the smart phone was invented. But KAO-MOJI continues to be used as convenient tools.
In my smart phone, many KAO-MOJI has been pre-installed to use them easily in fact.

( ´艸`)

New ones are being thought now.
There are many web sites introducing KAO-MOJI(顔文字).
Why don’t you use this convenient and KAWAII tool?


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