Japanese fried chicken

Fried chicken is very popular in the world. Of course it is very popular in Japan, too. So there are the famous fried chicken chain restaurants which are from USA in Japan, too. But we have different fried chicken.
We call it KARAAGE. Actually, KARAAGE is the name of a dish like TENPURA, SASHIMI and SUSHI, so the main ingredient varies. But as we just say KARAAGE, it means chicken’s KARAAGE.
What is special is,
before cooking, bite-sized chicken is seasoned with grated garlic, soy sauce and so on, then it is laid for a while, as seasoning soaks into meat. Japanese seasoning matches chicken and meat itself is well-seasoned.
You can order it at some restaurants such as ramen restaurants, IZAKAYA, Japanese-style restaurants and so on. Besides them, you can buy it at convenience stores, supermarkets, street stalls and so on.
KARAAGE is very reasonable food. So try it!!

This is a pack of KARAAGE sold at a supermarket.



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