I saw beautiful Mt. FUJI(富士山) today.

I went to TOKYO(東京) for business today by SHINKANSEN(新幹線) super express train.
It was a very lucky day for me today. Because I could see Mt. FUJI from the window of SHINKANSEN.
I’ve known that the passenger can see Mt. FUJI from SHINKANSEN train, but I haven’t had a chance to do that. I was really lucky today.

For seeing Mt. FUJI from SHINKANSEN’s window, you need to reserve the window seat “E” – regardless of whether it is from OSAKA to TOKYO or from TOKYO to OSAKA.
If you ride NOZIMI super express from SHIN-OSAKA to TOKYO, you can see Mt. FUJI about 1 hour and 40 minutes later after leaving SHIN-OSAKA(新大阪) station. Also if you ride it from TOKYO to SHIN-OSAKA, you can see it about 45 minutes later after leaving TOKYO station. It is close to SHIN-FUJI(新富士) station. The chance you can see is very short and it is only clear day.
So if you can do that, you are very lucky.


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