How to use Japanese-style toilet

I guess that one of the most difficult things for foreign travelers is using Japanese-style toilet. Because the number of western-style toilets is recently increasing, the necessity to use Japanese-style ones is decreasing. But there may be a situation you don’t have enough time. So remember how to use Japanese-style ones.
Generally, the shape is like this picture.

First, cross the hole facing the hood.

Then crouch on the hole.

After using, push the lever down to flush the toilet – some toilets have a button to flush a toilet on the wall.

I guess that most foreigners dislike this style, but there are appealing points.
First, I think that people, who is very fastidious about cleanliness, doesn’t want to sit on a toilet seat of public toilets. So this style is very good for this kind of people because they don’t need to touch it.
Second, when using it, your feet have to withstand a heavy load, as you have to keep unsteady pose. But isn’t it good exercise?


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