Homecoming rush- KISEI-RASSHU(帰省ラッシュ)

In Japan, many people move from their hometown to go to universities or to get better jobs. They concentrate in urban areas such as TOKYO, OSAKA and NAGOYA. They can not go to their hometown so often, because of the high transportation cost and lack of days off. So the winter vacation is the good chance to do that for them. Therefore, the heavy traffic jam occurs on expressways – over 40 km-long and the tickets of SHINKANSEN and airplanes are unavailable. The most crowded days of this year will be December 29th and 30th, according to the prediction of news.

In addition, people who go back to their hometown return to their current residences just before the end of the winter vacation at once. This thing is called “U-turn rush (Uターンラッシュ)”.
Maybe it will occur on the 3rd January next year.

Be careful when you make plans.


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