HIKONE castle(彦根城)

I want to introduce one more castle. That is HIKONE castle. This is a national treasure, too. This castle was built by II NAOTSUGU(井伊直継) and NAOTAKA(直孝) – his younger brother. The construction continued for 20 years from 1604.
This castle is located near BIWAKO(琵琶湖) – the largest lake in Japan. So you can see a beautiful scenery.

Also you can meet very KAWAII character named HIKONYAN(ひこにゃん). It is one of the most popular YURUKYARA(ゆるキャラ) – literally meaning a loose character. It is very cute.

The nearest station to go there is HIKONE station of JR TOKAIDO line.
It takes about 80 minutes by S.Rapid train of JR line from OSAKA station to HIMEJI station, about 46 minutes from KYOTO station.

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