HIGASHINIHON-DAISHINSAI(東日本大震災) -The great East Japan Earthquake

7 years ago, March 11, 2011, the greatest earthquake happened. The magnitude 9  earthquake struck TOHOKU(東北) and KANTO(関東) area. The epicenter was on the Pacific Ocean – at a distance of 130 km from TOHOKU area. So besides the earthquake itself, the TSUNAMI destroyed many buildings and killed over 15,000 people on the Pacific coast.
I was in OSAKA city when the earthquake happened. Although the distance between OSAKA and TOHOKU area is over 600 km, I felt the shock of the earthquake. It was the most severe earthquake Japan experienced in modern times.

Now the reconstruction wasn’t completed and a lot of  victims can not return to their hometown and are being compelled to live the other district – it is said that the number of them is over 70,000.

We need a longer period of time to reconstruct the country completely.


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