Happy New Year!! 2020

I usually go to my parent’s house on the new year’s day. My siblings and their family gather there. My mother prepared special meal for us every year. But she is getting older, so she said that it was very tough work and she wanted to go traveling and eat meals at quiet inn. Therefore I made a plan of the travel for this new year’s day.

The destination was SHIRAHAMA!! I selected SHIRAHAMA in WAKAYAMA prefecture – it is very popular with OSAKA people. Also it is a little bit far from OSAKA – it takes 3 hours by car. But there are very good ONSEN or hot spring bath and it is located near the sea, so we can enjoy delicious seafood.

The hotel we stayed.

The sunset was very beautiful.

There is a good place to see great scenery named SENJOJIKI or Rock Formation. It takes 5 minutes from the hotel on foot.


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