GYOZA(餃子) is delicious. – We enjoy it in our own way.

GYOZA is a dumpling wrapped with thin flour dough – the ingredients are basically minced pork, chopped leek, Chinese cabbage and so on. Although it is originally one of Chinese foods, it is very popular in Japan. But we eat it in our own way. That is YAKI-GYOZA(焼き餃子) or the baked GYOZA. It is said that the boiled GYOZA with soup or the steamed one is common in China. But the baked GYOZA is the most popular in Japan.
The outside is crispy, the inside is juicy because the dough keeps meat juice.

Just before eating, GYOZA is dipped in the special sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar and spicy oil.

Recently HANETSUKI-GYOZA(羽根付き餃子) or GYOZA which has a wing is popular because it is more crispy.

When GYOZA is baked, the water including flour is poured into the pan, then that flour becomes the thin fin after the water evaporates. This fin is expressed as the wing.

GYOZA-NO-OHSHO(餃子の王将) is the most famous GYOZA restaurant chain in KANSAI area. Besides GYOZA, it serves delicious Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price.

Sauted liver and leek

Sauted pork and cabbage with miso sauce

Fried rice topped with Chinese omelette and dressed with translucent, thick, starchy sauce.



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