Today is BOUSAI-NO-HI. BOUSAI means the disaster prevention. About 60 years ago (1960), September 1 was designated as BOUSAI-NO-HI to raise awareness of disaster prevention because a great earthquake called KANTO-DAISHINSAI(関東大震災) happened and over 100,000 people were killed on September 1 in 1923 – KANTO(関東) is the middle area of Japan including TOKYO. In addition, this season is the typhoon season, so we need to raise awareness of prevention for it more in this period – disaster drills are conducted here and there.
Recently, the number of typhoons in a year is increasing and the scale is getting huger. It is said that the global warming is cause of it.
In fact, western Japan got severe damage by heavy rain we have never experienced this year.
The weather forecast expects that another huge typhoon will hit Japan.
We need to watch out for it.


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