Bottled tea

Bottled tea is common in Japan. It appeared 1990s and spread across the country quickly.
We often buy it instead of water or fizzy drink when going out. It’s convenient during sightseeing because it is sold everywhere- convenience stores, vending machines, kiosks and so on.
I think that you can easily enjoy sightseeing with Japanese traditional flavor.
Recently, many kinds of bottled tea are sold.
You may wonder which one to buy. So I introduce the kind of tea.

●緑茶(RYOKUCHA) green tea
●濃い緑茶(KOI-RYOCHA) strong green tea
●麦茶(MUGICHA) barley tea – usually caffeine-free – the color is brown.
●ほうじ茶(HOJICHA) roasted green tea – the color is brown.
●玄米茶(GENMAICHA) tea mixed with roasted brown rice –
●烏龍茶(URONCHA) oolong tea – Chinese tea
●紅茶(KOCHA) black tea
●ジャスミンティー jasmine tea

Except for black tea, sugar is not added.
Warmed ones are also sold .



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