Bargaining is OSAKA’s culture.

When I go traveling abroad, bargaining at flea markets is one of the fun things. In Japan, of course we can bargain and get a discount at flea markets, local markets and so on.
But generally speaking, bargaining at shops isn’t common for Japanese people on nationwide scale, except for OSAKA’s citizen.
So in TOKYO area, where is another popular area with tourists, most people don’t do it, – that is their common sense.
But in OSAKA, people frequently bargain.
Historically, OSAKA used to be prosperous as a town of merchants. So bargaining was part of everyday life, then it became OSAKA’s culture.
Therefore there are some kinds of stores you can negotiate in OSAKA. For example, bargaining at electrical appliance stores is very common in OSAKA, even though that store is a huge one or a nationwide chain store. In fact I often ask for a discount. Of course whether you can get a discount depends on the kind of stores and it is from store to store.
But the chances surely exist.

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