HEISEI (平成) era will be over.

The emperor abdicates from the throne in favor of the prince at the end of this month because he is very old. His son is enthroned as the new emperor on May 1st. Each emperor has his title of era and when the emperor changes this title changes at the same time. The current emperor’s title is HEISEI, So it is over at that time. The new title was decided already. That is REIWA (令和). The meaning is ‘ Beautiful Harmony’.

Golden Week Began

The period from the end of April to the beginning of May is called GOLDEN WEEK because some national holidays are concentrated in this period.
SHOWA’s Day / April 29
Constitution Memorial Day / May 3
Greenery Day / May 4
Children’s Day / May 5
Besides them, there are 2 weekends around them. This year’s Golden Week is longer than usual, because there is the enthronement ceremony for the new emperor on May 1st – that day becomes national holiday. In addition, April 30th and May 2nd specially become national holidays. Also May 5 is Sunday this year, next Monday becomes the substitute holiday. So 10 consecutive holidays is totally made.