We like SENGOKU-BUSHO(戦国武将)

I saw the event of SENGOKU-BUSHO(戦国武将) when I walked near the department store. It seemed the event for revitalizing YAMAGATA prefecture. The performers were wearing the costume of SENGOKU-BUSHO and shouted ferociously. Many audiences had gathered around them.

SENGOKU-BUSHO is Japanese military
commander in SENGOKU priod.
From the end of the 15th century to the end of 16th century, a lot of civil wars happened nationwide. We call that priod “SENGOKU-JIDAI(戦国時代)” or the priod of warring states”. At that time, many military commanders were very active to unify the nation.
Many Japanese like SENGOKU-BUSHO, because their attitude toward life is respectable. Although they are real historical figures, they are very attractive. Recently they are often described as the characters of ANIME or video games, so they are very popular with foreigners.
There is no real SENGOKU-BUSHO in Japan, but you can see this kind of event at historical sites now.


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