Sure enough, KATSU-DON(カツ丼) is yummy!!

I already introduced DONBURI – a bowl of rice topped with ingredients.

There is a wide variety of DONBURI in Japan, as I mentioned.
I ate KATSU-DON for lunch today.
It was very delicious. A deep-fried pork cutlet soaking soup stock seasoned by soy sauce is very good and soft egg mixed with soup is delicious, too.
I went to UDON restaurant today – UDON(うどん) is thick noodle made of wheat flour.
It is said that UDON restaurants make delicious KATSU-DON because they have good soup stock for soup for noodle and their soup is used for KATSU-DON.
Ordering KATSU-DON at UDON restaurants is my recommendation.



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