Although there are many breeds of SAKURA in Japan, the most popular one is SOMEIYOSHINO. At present, most of SAKURA is SOMEIYOSHINO because the size of blossoms is relatively big, also there is no leaves when the blossoms are fully blooming – of course it is very beautiful.

Also at the same area, most of them begin to bloom at the same time.
Because all SOMEIYOSHINO have the same gene.
Actually, SOMEIYOSHINO is a clone SAKURA.
In EDO era, over 100 years ago, SOMEIYOSHINO was born as a hybrid of two different cherry blossoms. Then it was bred by grafting, because it could not breed by itself. As the result, SOMEIYOSHINO spread nationwide because of the beauty, but all SOMEIYOSHINO came to have the same gene.

Isn’t it the interesting story?

Incidentally, the other kinds are YAMAZAKURA(山桜), SHIDAREZAKURA(枝垂れ桜) and so on.


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