SETSUBUN(節分) -Defeat the Demon!!

SETSUBUN is one of the traditional ceremonies to ward off evil. It is conducted early February.
Basically, SETSUBUN literally means the border between periods. In this case, the border between the winter and the spring.
It is the day before the beginning of the spring, although early February is in the winter in fact.
How do we ward off evil?  It’s soy bean. we throw roasted soy beans to inside and outside of the house, shouting “ONI WA SOTO, FUKU WA UCHI (鬼は外、福は内)”, meaning ” Demon be gone, good fortunate come in”. At home with kids, the father wears a demon’s mask then kids throw soy beans at the demon to drive out of home
. So it’s an exciting event for kids. Recently, peanuts with the shell are often used for throwing because of the ease to clean up. After that, we eat the same number of soy beans as our age to wish ourselves to be healthy.
This year’s SETSUBUN is on February 3rd.
Have fun!


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