ROBATAYAKI(炉端焼き) style IZAKAYA(居酒屋) is pleasant.

IZAKAYA is Japanese pub or tavern. Not only alcohol, it serves meals.
There are different styles of IZAKAYA in Japan.
I went to KAISEN-ROBATAYAKI(海鮮炉端焼き) style IZAKAYA.
KAISEN(海鮮) means seafood and ROBATAYAKI means grilling in front of customers.
At IZAKAYA where I went, there was a grill on the table and we cooked ingredients by ourselves. We ordered shrimps, squid and some kinds of shellfishes such as turban shells, clams, scallops.
Cooking with companions was very pleasant. Off course fresh seafood was very yummy.
I recommend this style of IZAKAYA.



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