Raw Egg

I’ve heard that eating a raw egg isn’t common in the world because there is a risk of salmonella food poisoning. But in Japan, there is a custom of eating a raw egg.
There are two popular ways to eat it.

One is SUKIYAKI- sliced beef and some ingredients such as spring onions, Chinese cabbage, TOFU are cooked in a special pan and seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and the other seasoning. We dip ingredients in raw egg just before eating.

Another one is TAMAGOKAKE-GOHAN. This is very simple dish, just steamed rice topped with raw egg and soy sauce. But very yummy the flavor of soy sauce goes well with a raw egg well.
Usually, we eat it at home, although there are some restaurants which serve it. And because this is very popular, some companies sell special soy sauce for TAMAGOKAKE-GOHAN.

If you can eat raw egg, this is my recommendation.



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