OMIYAMAIRI is the first visit of a newborn baby to a shrine. We report his or her birth to the guardian deity of the district where we live and pray for the health. It is one of the ceremonies for new babies.
Actually I visited the shrine for OMIYAMAIRI yesterday.

At the ceremony, I got some items to pray for my daughter’s good fortune.

EMA(絵巻) – The plate to write our wish
OMAMORI(お守り) – The good luck talisman
OMIKI(御神酒) – The purified SAKE
A stone for HAGATAME(歯固め) – The stone to use a ceremony named OKUIZOME(お食い初め) – the first eating ceremony

After the ceremony, I went to the restaurant to have a lunch with my family members.
And we ordered special multi-course dishes.


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