Not only raw

When it comes to SUSHI, most foreigners may image raw fish. Of course, raw fish is the most general ingredient for SUSHI, but it is not only raw fish. For example, eels and congers are basically grilled for SUSHI. Also boiled shrimps, crab and octopus are popular ingredients. Besides them, recently ABURI-ZUSHI(炙り寿司) is popular. ABURI means “broiling”, so ABURI-ZUSHI is broiled SUSHI. Although the ingredient is broiled, the inside is raw like a rare steak. The fat melts, then the smell and texture change better. It is very yummy, too.
I think those kinds of SUSHI are easy to eat for  foreigners who don’t care for raw fish – actually for some Japanese, too.
So even if you don’t like raw fish, I recommend going to SUSHI restaurants.

KINMEDAI(金目鯛) or an alfonsino is a bright-red fish with golden goggle eyes.
Salmon: SAKE or SHAKE (鮭)
Scallop: HOTATE (帆立)
Eel: UNAGI (鰻)

Conger: ANAGO(穴子)

This is a tuna plate named MAGURO-ZUKUSHI (鮪ずくし)



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