NIHONSHU is one of the Japanese traditional alcoholic drinks. It is a fermented alcoholic drink made from rice. NIHONSHU may be well-known as “sake” in the world, but it is not correct. In Japanese, SAKE(酒) means “alcoholic drinks” in Japanese, including wine, whisky, beer and so on.
So if you want to order “sake”, you should say “NIHONSHU” so that a waitstaff recognizes what you want.

The popularity of NIHONSHU is getting higher for foreigners.
As NIHONSHU translates “rice wine” in English, NIHONSHU has full aroma. High grade one is very fruity like real wine. And like wine, the taste, from dry to sweet, and flavor are varies. They depend on districts, a kind of rice and so on. NIHONSHU is also served either warm and cold, so it is fun to drink some variations.

NIHONSHU is also very special for us. It has been consumed for a long time in Japan not only to drink but to offer to deities and to purify something.

Be careful not to drink too much.
In Japan, the law provides that no one under age 20 can drink alcohol.



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