Japan is a volcanic country.

There are 111 active volcanoes in Japan. Japan accounts for 7 percent of the volcanoes in the world and it is fourth place in the world. Actually Mt.FUJI(富士山) is a volcano, although the last eruption was about 300 years ago – it is called HOUEI-DAIFUNKA(宝永大噴火), meaning the great eruption in HOUEI era.

Volcanoes are watched by Japan Meteorological Agency and it is checking the risk of the eruption.
So we can see some of volcanoes as the tourist attraction. For example, Mt.ASO(阿蘇山), which has one of the largest calderas in the world, is famous.

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Volcanoes are terrible, but it gives us benefit. That is ONSEN or a hot spring bath. In fact, there are many ONSEN in Japan.

Major hot spring bath in KANSAI


If you are afraid of volcanoes, KANSAI area is very good as the destination.
Although they are widely distributed in Japan, there is actually no volcano in KANSAI area.



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