I went to TAKATSUKI-MATSURI last weekend.
It is the local festival held in TAKATSUKI city.

This festival is held to strengthen the bond among residents in TAKATSUKI city – this time was the 49th time.
Many stalls were opened by local communities at the ground of TOEN(桃園) primary school.

Many people wore Japanese traditional clothes named YUKATA(浴衣).

I ate a local food named UDON-GYOZA(うどん餃子) – this is GYOZA which is made with Japanese traditional noodle named UDON instead of thin flour dough.

Also GYOZA is a dumpling wrapped with thin flour dough – the ingredients are basically minced pork, chopped leek, Chinese cabbage and so on.


The streets around TAKATSUKI station were closed and pedestrianized.
Then the dancing parade was conducted on the main street.

The big earthquake hit the northern part of OSAKA two month ago. So the cancellation of this festival were actually considered this year.
But the municipality decided to hold it to animate residents including victims of the earthquake.


I think that their decision was right because a lot of people visited it and they looked like enjoying it.
I hope it will be held next year, too.


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