I went to CHIBA Port Tower(千葉ポートタワー).

I went to CHIBA prefecture. At that time, I found a good tourist attraction. That is CHIBA Port Tower.

The height of the tower is 125 m. And there is an observatory at the height of 113 m. So you can see very beautiful scenery.
If the weather is good, you can see Mt.FUJI(富士山).

There is a restaurant under the observatory, so you can enjoy a spectacular view and a delicious cuisine.
The second floor is called “Lover’s Sanctuary”.

There are fences to hang a padlock for love, many couples pledge their love by hanging it here.

The nearest station is CHIBA-MINATO station of JR KEYO line.
It takes about 40 minutes from TOKYO station to CHIBA-MINATO station by Rapid train.

The admission fee for adults is 420 yen. One for kids is 200 yen.

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