I bought a wonderful folding umbrella.

As I mentioned, TSUYU(梅雨), the rainy season,  is coming soon in Japan. Of course we need an umbrella when it is rainy. But carrying it is troublesome – especially in the situation where the weather forecast expect rainfall, but it doesn’t start.
At that time, an folding umbrella is very convenient. I bought a new one because the rainy season is coming soon.
Recently, Japan’s folding umbrellas are very wonderful!! They are being improved.
This is the one I bought.

Very light – the weight is 150 grams.
Very compact – the length is under 30 cm.

But it covers very wide area – the length of every bone when it is spread is 60 cm.

In addition, it is very functional – water repellent function and the function screening out ultraviolet rays.

Although It was expensive – about 3,000 yen, I think it is worth the expense.


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