Do you know NEGI-TORO(ねぎとろ)?

Do you know NEGI-TORO?
NEGI-TORO is one of the ingredients for SUSHI(寿司). It is very popular and one of my recommendations.

What is that?
NEGI-TORO is minced fatty tuna mixed with chopped spring onions. TORO means fatty tuna and NEGI means spring onions.
NEGI-TORO is usually served as MAKI-ZUSHI(巻き寿司) or GUNKAN-MAKI(軍艦巻き).
The minced tuna is very soft like it melts in the mouth, so it has  different texture from NIGIRI-ZUSHI(握り寿司) of tuna. In addition, NORI(海苔) or dried laver adds good flavor to SUSHI. They are very delicious.

MAKI-ZUSHI is SUSHI rolled in NORI(海苔).

GUNKAN-MAKI is a warship-shaped SUSHI made with NORI.



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