Crab- One of the winter pleasures!!

In this season, what I want to eat most is  crab. In Japan, snow crabs, king crabs and hairy crabs are very popular. Especially in KANSAI area, snow crabs are popular. The winter is the best season to eat them. Because the period fishers can capture them is limited- from November to March.
The sea of Japan- northern sea of KANSAI area is fishing banks. So at this area, we can eat snow crabs more reasonably, and of course more delicious.

As the freezing technology is improved, we can eat fresh crabs in urban areas these days. But they are expensive. You can see a large crab-shaped signboard in NAMBA- recently it is a popular sightseeing spot. This is a restaurant specializing in crabs. I think this restaurant is relatively reasonable.

In addition, there are some ONSEN(温泉) or hot spring baths in northern KANSAI area. Therefore we can enjoy crabs and ONSEN at the same time. In fact, this area is a very popular destination with people living in KANSAI area.
One of the most popular destinations is KINOSAKI-ONSEN. There are ONSEN streets and some bathhouses- they are called SOTOYU(外湯). Basically users have to buy a ticket to take each bath, by staying at a local hotel in that area, you can get a complimentary ticket. The atmosphere of streets is traditional, so walking streets and taking baths are good tourist attractions. On the streets, there are also ASHIYU(足湯) or foot bath spots. ASHIYU is usually free.

This is a dinner I ordered at a local hotel.


If you play skiing, there are some ski resort around those area.



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