A longtime best seller – COUNTRY MA’AM(カントリーマアム)

COUNTRY MA’AM is one of the popular confections in Japan – it is a bag of cookie. The tast is like a homemade cookie, although it is actually mass-produced one. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft – actually, the dough consists of two layers. In adition, it has chocolate-chip inside.

A confection manufacturer named FUJIYA began to make this over 30 years ago – FUJIYA makes a lot of attractive confections, cakes, beverages and so on.

The basic flavours are vanilla and cocoa.

The one warmed up in the microwave is more delicious.


I introduced KATSU-DON(カツ丼) as a nice way to eat a pork cutlet.


KATSU-SANDO is another nice way to eat pork cutlet. KATSU-SANDO is a cutlet sandwich – usually deep-fried pork cutlet or beef cutlet are used.
The combination of soft sliced bread, a cutlet, shredded cabbage and TONKATSU-SOSU(トンカツソース) – it is the sauce for cutlet, is very yummy, even though it has gotten cold.

WARABI-MOCHI(わらび餅) – One of the popular Japanese sweets in the summer.

I like WARABI-MOCHI, especially in the summer.

WARABI-MOCHI is bracken-starch dumpling – it was originally made of starch from bracken, although it is recently made of starch from potato and so on.
It is Japanese traditional sweets like jelly, although it is stickier than jelly.
Usually, WARABI-MOCHI is coated with KINAKO(きな粉) or soybean flour.
This cooled sweet stuff is very good in the hot summer!!

Let’s eat steak!!

I went to a steak restaurant named “Big Boy” yesterday – Big Boy is a franchise restaurant originated from USA.
I was surprised that it provides a huge steak named “The Rock”.

The appearance is just “The Rock”. The weight is 450 gram – American-size.
You can see a black, cylindrical thing on the plate. This is a heated stone to grill meat more. So customers can control steak done.
I was satisfied!!

This year’s trend?

I often buy chocolate at a convenience store. There are many kinds of chocolate on the shelf.
This year, One of the trend in chocolate seems mint. I saw some kinds of chocolate made with mint – some  companies released new mint chocolate this year.
Is it only Japan?

Another good food to eat with rice.

I introduced FURIKAKE as a good food to eat rice. Besides FURIKAKE, another good food to eat with rice is AJITSUKE-NORI(味付け海苔) or seasoned laver sheet.

It is seasoned with soy sauce-based seasoning – salty-sweet.
It goes well with rice.
I like wrapping rice to eat it like this.

FURIKAKE(ふりかけ) – It is easy, delicious and reasonable!!

I often eat rice with FURIKAKE. It is easy, delicious and reasonable.
FURIKAKE is a mixture of some ingredients and seasonings such as sesame seeds, dried seaweed, dried bonito shavings dried vegetables, salt, dried soy sauce.
Just sprinkling over rice, it becomes delicious meal.

There are many flavors – salmon, green vegetables, seaweed, curry, beef and so on.

FURIKAKE is not so expensive, so it is good to enjoy Japanese flavor – it is good for a souvenir.
One of my recommendations is WASABI(わさび) flavor.
It is stimulating.

Sure enough, KATSU-DON(カツ丼) is yummy!!

I already introduced DONBURI – a bowl of rice topped with ingredients.


There is a wide variety of DONBURI in Japan, as I mentioned.
I ate KATSU-DON for lunch today.
It was very delicious. A deep-fried pork cutlet soaking soup stock seasoned by soy sauce is very good and soft egg mixed with soup is delicious, too.
I went to UDON restaurant today – UDON(うどん) is thick noodle made of wheat flour.
It is said that UDON restaurants make delicious KATSU-DON because they have good soup stock for soup for noodle and their soup is used for KATSU-DON.
Ordering KATSU-DON at UDON restaurants is my recommendation.

HOKKAIDO(北海道) fair

I went to HOKKAIDO fair held at a department store.

There were special stalls related to HOKKAIDO island.

Many people visited this fair – this kind of fair is popular with OSAKA’s citizen.
HOKKAIDO island is very attractive.
It is well-known that HOKKAIDO has many delicious foods – such as seafood, beef, dairy products, potato and corn. But it is very far – not easy to visit.

At this event, we can enjoy HOKKAIDO’s foods.
The department store I went was in TAKATSUKI(高槻) city, but this kind of fair is periodically held at department stores in OSAKA city.
If you have a chance, I recommend visiting this.

KONAMON(粉もん) is OSAKA’s culture.

I introduced Those foods as OSAKA’s local food -and we love them.
They are called “KONAMON” in all. KONAMON is the food made with wheat flour mainly – mixing ingredients with the dough made of wheat flour.
After World war Ⅱ, Japan was very poor. At that time, many people could not buy rice because it was expensive. So people thought how they would be able to satisfy their appetite. Then KONAMON culture was born because the wheat flour was cheaper than rice. KONAMON is reasonable, easy to cook and of course delicious, so that culture has been established among us.
Anyway eat them.