KANSAI is cool

I live in OSAKA prefecture. So I want to introduce OSAKA and the surrounding area first of all. We call this area KANSAI.It includes ancient capitals KYOTO, NARA, and so on.

These have many wonderful tourist attractions. If you want to see historical architectures, KYOTO and NARA are the best places.
Besides them, OSAKA is very attractive, too. There are many modern things including skyscrapers, theme parks, and so on. Of course, there are many good shops and restaurants. Especially, OSAKA station was recently redeveloped, so the atmosphere became more modern.
In addition, it takes about 30 minutes to go from OSAKA station to KYOTO station and about one hour to go to NARA station by a train – JR line is convenient. So if you stay in OSAKA, you can enjoy modern atmosphere and traditional atmosphere at the same time.

One of my recommendations is a huge electrical appliance store. It has some floors and there are some shops in the building like shopping mall. There are some huge ones near OSAKA, NAMBA, KYOTO station and so on. So if you are interested in up-to-date electrical appliances, you should stop by them!!

This is OSAKA station. The shape of roof is unique, right?

I’ve heard that this building is called the modern triumphal arch.



Japan has four colors

There are four seasons in Japan and each season has different features.

The representative samples are SAKURA or cherry blossom in spring, MATSURI or festivals in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, ONSEN or hot spring plus NABE or cuisine cooked in an earthen pot and so on.

So I hope that you visit Japan several times. Maybe you can recognize some new interesting things every time.



I’m from Japan.

I’m glad to say that the number of foreign travelers recently increased.
And I guess that travelers will increase more and more, because of TOKYO Olympic Games.
Many of them, who have never been to Japan, will come to Japan.
I want them to have a fun at that time, so I decided to introduce real Japan to people in the world.

Some stories may be very famous in the world already, but besides them, I want to introduce Japanese daily life as far as I can do.

Area:378,000 k㎡ (It consists of over 6800 islands.)