Bravo!! Fireworks!!

When it comes to the summer, fireworks spring to mind.
We call it “HANABI(花火)”  – literally meaning flower of fire. Japan’s HANABI is high level.
Because there are the craftsmen producing high quality HANABI. They can describe beautiful flowers in the sky.
They are developing new HANABI. So the shape and color vary. Recently they can describe ANIME characters.
In summer, a lot of fireworks displays are held nationwide. Of course they are held in OSAKA, too.
Japanese people like seeing HANABI, so a lot of people go out to see them – over 400,000 people visit the most major HANABI display.
Very crowded, But exciting!!

The major HANABI display in OSAKA prefecture
Date and Time: July 25 / 7:30 pm – 8:50 pm
Site: SAKURANOMIYA staion (JR loop line), TENMABASHI staion (KEIHAN line

Date and Time: August 1 / 8:00 pm – 8:50 pm
Site: TONDABAYASHI station (KINTETSU line)

Date and Time: August 4 / 7:40 pm – 8:40 pm
Site: JUSO station (HANKYU line), HIMEJIMA station (HANSHIN line), NISHINAKAJIMAMINAMIGATA station (OSAKA METRO), TSUKAMOTO staition (JR line)


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