A pork cutlet and Kit Kat are eaten for the same reason.

This season is the most important one for examinees who take entrance exams. In Japan, the school year begins from April, so  most schools and universities conduct the entrance exam in this season.
Because Japan is an academic career-based society, entering the better university is very important to get high income. Therefore many students study very much. But they think that studying isn’t enough to pass the examination. What they need more is the luck. So they often go to shrines or temples to pray for passing the examination. In addition, some of them eat a pork cutlet or Kit Kat – one of the most famous chocolate bar.
But why?
That is playing on words. Actually we like playing on words for good luck.
A pork cutlet is TON-KATSU(豚カツ) in Japanese and there is another word pronounced as KATSU. It is KATSU(勝つ), meaning “win”. Also Kit Kat is similar pronunciation to KITTO KATSU(きっと勝つ), meaning “Surely win”.

I’m not sure whether those are effective, but belief is important, right?



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