HEISEI (平成) era will be over.

The emperor abdicates from the throne in favor of the prince at the end of this month because he is very old. His son is enthroned as the new emperor on May 1st. Each emperor has his title of era and when the emperor changes this title changes at the same time. The current emperor’s title is HEISEI, So it is over at that time. The new title was decided already. That is REIWA (令和). The meaning is ‘ Beautiful Harmony’.

Golden Week Began

The period from the end of April to the beginning of May is called GOLDEN WEEK because some national holidays are concentrated in this period.
SHOWA’s Day / April 29
Constitution Memorial Day / May 3
Greenery Day / May 4
Children’s Day / May 5
Besides them, there are 2 weekends around them. This year’s Golden Week is longer than usual, because there is the enthronement ceremony for the new emperor on May 1st – that day becomes national holiday. In addition, April 30th and May 2nd specially become national holidays. Also May 5 is Sunday this year, next Monday becomes the substitute holiday. So 10 consecutive holidays is totally made.

A longtime best seller – COUNTRY MA’AM(カントリーマアム)

COUNTRY MA’AM is one of the popular confections in Japan – it is a bag of cookie. The tast is like a homemade cookie, although it is actually mass-produced one. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft – actually, the dough consists of two layers. In adition, it has chocolate-chip inside.

A confection manufacturer named FUJIYA began to make this over 30 years ago – FUJIYA makes a lot of attractive confections, cakes, beverages and so on.

The basic flavours are vanilla and cocoa.

The one warmed up in the microwave is more delicious.

The dangerous typhoon is coming to KANSAI area today.

The very strong typhoon is coming to Japan today. It is expected that it will hit KANSAI area in the afternoon. The disruption of traffic is expected. JR line already decided to stop the all trains until 10 am, also NANKAI line and HANKYU line decided to stop the all trains until noon. Then there is a possibility that they will not operate them at all.
Besides them, the major tourist attractions – KAIYUKAN aquarium, USJ, the major department stores in OSAKA city will be closed.
The very strong wind and heavy rain is expected, so please check the information and pay attention for them.


Today is BOUSAI-NO-HI. BOUSAI means the disaster prevention. About 60 years ago (1960), September 1 was designated as BOUSAI-NO-HI to raise awareness of disaster prevention because a great earthquake called KANTO-DAISHINSAI(関東大震災) happened and over 100,000 people were killed on September 1 in 1923 – KANTO(関東) is the middle area of Japan including TOKYO. In addition, this season is the typhoon season, so we need to raise awareness of prevention for it more in this period – disaster drills are conducted here and there.
Recently, the number of typhoons in a year is increasing and the scale is getting huger. It is said that the global warming is cause of it.
In fact, western Japan got severe damage by heavy rain we have never experienced this year.
The weather forecast expects that another huge typhoon will hit Japan.
We need to watch out for it.

Do we care about it for a toilet too much?

I went to a restroom in a department store these days. The one in department store is very clean – comparing with the other places, department stores keep restrooms clean.
In addition, disinfectant is put beside a toilet seat – users can disinfect the toilet seat by themselves before using.

Are we very fastidious about cleanliness?
Do you need it?
I think it is good that there is a baby chair in the male restroom, though.


I introduced KATSU-DON(カツ丼) as a nice way to eat a pork cutlet.


KATSU-SANDO is another nice way to eat pork cutlet. KATSU-SANDO is a cutlet sandwich – usually deep-fried pork cutlet or beef cutlet are used.
The combination of soft sliced bread, a cutlet, shredded cabbage and TONKATSU-SOSU(トンカツソース) – it is the sauce for cutlet, is very yummy, even though it has gotten cold.

Japan is in the typhoon season.

It is expected that a typhoon will hit the west part of Japan this weekend.
This typhoon is 20th typhoon this year, although it doesn’t mean that all of them hit Japan.
Japan is in the typhoon season just now. A lot of typhoons come to Japan – it continues until the end of September or early October.
Strong wind and heavy rain are very dangerous. Also transportation is affected – airplanes, trains and ships may stop their operations. So we need to check the weather forecast frequently – there is a possibility that we won’t be able to go working or go home.
Recently, the number of typhoons is increasing and the scale of them is getting larger. Global warming may affect them.

WARABI-MOCHI(わらび餅) – One of the popular Japanese sweets in the summer.

I like WARABI-MOCHI, especially in the summer.

WARABI-MOCHI is bracken-starch dumpling – it was originally made of starch from bracken, although it is recently made of starch from potato and so on.
It is Japanese traditional sweets like jelly, although it is stickier than jelly.
Usually, WARABI-MOCHI is coated with KINAKO(きな粉) or soybean flour.
This cooled sweet stuff is very good in the hot summer!!


BON-ODORI is a dancing festival whick is held during OBON.
This festival is held by each local community here and there in this season – so each festival isn’t so big.

A turret is built in the middle of an open space. On the turret, Japanese traditional instruments are played, then dancers who wear YUKATA(浴衣) – Japanese traditional clothes, make a circle and dance.


Anyone can participate in the dance.
Around the dancing space, many stalls are opened. They sell snacks and beverages, then some of them provide play such as a lottery to get toys, quoits, shooting and goldfish-scooping. So kids like BON-ODORI, too.